Five Reasons Condos Near Schools Are the Best

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Ask any parent and they will tell you – sending their child to school is both an exciting and nerve-wracking experience for them. Between deciding about which school to send them to, having tuition fees to worry about, and traffic to contend with, it’s honestly a lot. But attending school, especially when your child makes the leap from a small pre-school to the “big school” is always a milestone and one that every parent is proud of. More importantly, school is a crucial foundation of mental and personal development, which is why families must support their children’s school life. This extends beyond just their academic endeavor and includes any other extracurricular activities such as varsity sports, dramatics, debate clubs, etc. The problem is, academic activities and extra curricular activities can run well into the late afternoon and even well into the evenings. If you have children of your own, you can support them by moving to a condominium close to their campus. Doing so offers your family several benefits that make life easier and help strengthen bonds.

Here are just five reasons you’ll love living in a condominium near a school like Ateneo de Manila.

Avoid Terrible Traffic Conditions


Anyone who’s ever lived in Metro Manila can attest to the difficulty of traveling anywhere in the city, especially during the weekdays. Traffic in the Metro is so bad that it’s been reported that we spend as much as 257 hours a year stuck in traffic! That’s hours and hours of wasted time. If you don’t live near your children’s school, the terrible traffic conditions force them to cut down on much-needed sleep to avoid the rush hour. Some parents are forced to wake their children up as early as 4 am just to beat the rush hour, but this isn’t always guaranteed to get them to school on time, sadly. The heavy traffic may also mean arriving late to school, regardless of how early they wake up.

Living in a condominium near your children’s school makes it easy for them to get to class without depriving them (and even of yourself) of much-needed sleep. The best condos have easy access to multiple kinds of public transport such as the LRT, jeepneys, and even tricycles, giving your children many options. If the building is close enough, they can even walk the distance, saving on money and improving physical fitness.

Living in a condominium near your children’s school is also advantageous in case of emergencies. While no parent would ever want this to happen, there is a certain peace of mind that comes from knowing that you live just a few minutes away from your child’s school, should anything happen. You can easily rush to school to pick him or her up in case he or she is not feeling well. They can also easily go home on their own (if they are old enough to and the school permits them to) in the event of a school suspension.

This is the case for many students who live in condominiums near Ateneo de Manila.

Respond to Emergencies Faster

Accidents and similar incidents are some of the risks children sometimes face in school.  Kids sometimes play rough, and teachers can’t protect them from every danger. When such an emergency strikes, your child will need you at their side as soon as possible. 

You can respond to emergency situations faster if your high-rise residence is near their school. You can be there for your children when they need you the most instead of being stuck in traffic.

Bring Home New Friends Easily

Seeing your child make a friend is one of the most heartwarming events in their school life. Watching them grow closer to their friends and expand their social circles is a milestone for many parents. For families who live a considerable distance away from their children’s school, however, these friendships are confined to the hours they spend in the classroom or playground. If all of your child’s friends are from school, their afternoons at home can get lonely. They may grow up feeling isolated, especially if they have to leave school as soon as the final bell rings.

Your child can bring their friends back home to play and hang out with if your condominium is nearby. Thanks to a strategically-located condo unit, you can supervise their playtime, organize their snacks, and you can even be a part of your child’s social network. Knowing who their friends are can also become a huge bonding experience for you and your child, making you two closer than ever. Getting to know where your child is and who they interact with fosters a deeper connection and sense of trust with them, making you more at ease as well that they keep good company.

Spend More Time with the Family

Homework and socializing after school can take up a lot of your child’s time. If you live some distance from their school, by the time they get home, they may no longer have the time or the energy for quality bonding time. 

By choosing to live in a high-rise building close to their school, your child has more opportunities to spend time with your family. They can use the time they would have spent traveling to enjoy your company. They can eat lunch at home, bring their friends over, and do other activities that help strengthen their relationship with other family members. 

A Good Investment

Like everything that has to do with real estate, it’s all about the location. Aside from all the benefits, your children will enjoy, a school-adjacent condo unit is a great investment opportunity. Their location makes them ideal for families with children. Locations near schools are always prime real estate, so developers are always scrambling to build family-friendly establishments that will benefit its residents. You’re guaranteed to have a multitude of gyms, shopping facilities, restaurants, supermarkets, places of worships, and other important services such as tailors and laundry shops close by. Because of this, land prices and condo unit prices are always sure to appreciate over time. In fact, the land prices and condominium prices near Ateneo de Manila are estimated to cost more than those in other areas in the Metro for this very reason.

Your children’s school doesn’t have to be far away. Living in a condominium near educational institutions like Ateneo de Manila helps provide your children with a healthy balance between their life in school and their life at home. Make the right decision for you and your family by moving closer to your child’s school today.

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